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Welcome to our Pet Clinic | Vet Hospital in Windsor, ON

Rivard Animal Hospital is a full service veterinary hospital in Windsor Ontario., treating all animals, great and small,throughout Windsor Ontario region. As a member of vets in Windsor community it is our commitment to provide quality, compassionate veterinary care throughout the life of your pet. Our services and facility is not only designed to assist in routine preventive pet care but also help in early detection and treatment of diseases with complete medical and surgical care as necessary.

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Pet Services

Pet Services

Medicine pet wellness exam.
Digital Radiography.
Flea Heart worm prevention.
Microchip Pet Identification.
Prescription Pet food.
Pet Grooming for cat and dog.

Pet Dentistry

Pet Dentistry

Dental disease is a common and often overlooked problem in pets. As dental hygiene is an important part of maintaining your pet´s health. We offers complete dental care, including cleaning, polishing, tooth extraction and oral surgery. Schedule your pet´s dental exam today , we can also show you how to brush your pet´s teeth and recommend foods and treats that will help combat plaque and tartar buildup.



A regular annual examination is an important part of preventive health care for your cat and dog. A full range of vaccinations are available to protect your pets against a wide variety of diseases. Once a thorough physical examination has been performed, our veterinarian will assess the vaccine requirements of each pet on an individual basis.

Spay Neuter Clinic

Spay Neuter Clinic

We are working as a spay and neuter clinic as well as also provide a wide range of surgical services for our patients, to offer the highest quality of veterinary medicine. Our focus on patient safety , pain management and employing the most current surgical practices are designed to exceed your expectations.

Veterinary Clinic Lab

Veterinary Clinic Lab

Laboratory testing is a valuable diagnostic tool in veterinary medicine. As we continually strive to offer the highest-quality medicine, we are proud to include in-house diagnostic laboratory services as a means of providing excellent care to our patients.Our in house laboratory enables us to provide quick and reliable testing of your companion´s blood, urine, feces and much more.

Our mission and vision...

Our mission is to provide the best possible care with modern, clean, friendly, warm environment to our clients and their pets. We believe in quality of service and treat pets as they are family members. Whether your best mate is a dog or a cat , you'll find useful articles on health care for all species.

Vet Hospital in Windsor

Pets Veterinary Care is provided by well qualified skilled Veterinarians in Windsor. Before joining Rivard Animal Hospital our Vets were providing Veterinary Services at different Animal Clinics and Veterinary Hospitals gathering more than 20 years of experience. Team is supported by Veterinary Technician, receptionist, assistants and other staff members. Members believe in quality and compassionate Pet Care at affordable prices. As Veterinary Clinic in Windsor, facility is not limited to Spay Neuter Clinic only but also provide a wide range of medical and surgical services including soft tissue surgeries, laboratory diagnostics, preventive health care and Pet Grooming in Windsor area. If you have recently moved to this area or have adopted a new pet and looking for a Pet Clinic In Windsor, Rivard Animal Hospital is one of the Pet Hospitals in Windsor where pets are treated as family members.

Animal Hospital in Windsor

Vet is one of your important part of your family. Proper care of your pet should be taken for their long and healthy life. For healthy life of your pet you need a proper clinic or hospital where regular check up goes on. Once in a while check up will not work proper interval check up is necessary. Following tips and suggestion can be followed when doing your search for finding the right fit for you and your family. choose the Animal hospital in Windsor that will provide you full range of service. If all the services are available at one place it will be easy for you and your pet also to do a regular check up timely. Hospital that is near to your home will be the best choice for you and your pet. In case of any emergency you can easily visit to hospital without wasting any time. Here is the list of services you must see while choosing your final hospital A good wellness program - A right preventive care helps you in avoiding lot of illness and other problem. Some of the thing like immunization, heartworm etc. will guarantee you that your pet will live a healthy and long life. Dental problem - Dental problem is one of the most common problem found among the pets. Pets teeth should be taken care similarly like humans. Regular dental care is really important for healthy teeth. Emergence case - They must provide emergency service .sometimes one minutes is also critical for your pet. You never know anything can happen so after hour emergency case is really important. veterinary product - veterinary product which they use must be of good quality. They should never compromise with the quality of the product. veterinarian and Staff - veterinarian and staff should be trained to give medical care and treatment to your pest. They must be qualified and authorized to practice veterinary medicine. They should be able to communicate with you and your pet very well. Environment - Environment must be clean and fit for your pet. Eco-friendly and healthy environment should be there which will help your pet to recover fast. So if you have a pet or you are willing to get a pet you really need a proper hospital or clinic for their happy life. Proper hospital means you should look out things such as whether the environment is clean or not? whether the surrounding is fit for your pet or not? weather the staff are interactive and well trained or not? weather the veterinary product are of good quality or not? weather After hour emergency service is there or not? weather the medical equipment are up to date or not? For your pet healthy and safety life finding the right hospital is really crucial. Always take some extra time which is necessary and do bit of research for finding a doctor for your pet. you can also consult with your friends, neighbors, etc. for better treatment and healthy life of your pet. Looking for animal hospital in Windsor for your furry loved ones?

Cat Clinic in Windsor

Cats are very particular with their environment and don’t like changes easily. We believe cats have special needs that are different from dogs. They need to be pampered, loved and understanding of their comfortable zone. Our Veterinarians understand the special bond you share with your cat. At our Veterinary Clinic we provide your cat a compassionate feline care. Preventive health care is the core foundation of any Cat Clinic. Early detection of medical problems may enhance the lifespan of your companion. Our comprehensive cat care services include cat medicine, cat surgeries, cat dentistry, cat prescription food, cat behavior consultation and routine wellness exams. A range of vaccines including Distemper, Chlamydia, Rabies and Leukemia are available to protect your pets from highly infectious diseases.New kitten or cats should be tested for feline Leukemia and feline Immunodeficiency before they can be introduced to existing cats to avoid accidental spread of infection to healthy cats.If you have recently moved to this area or have adopted a new kitten and looking for a Cat Clinic In Windsor, Rivard Animal Hospital is one of the Cat Hospitals in Windsor offering quality Veterinary Care at affordable prices

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